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    Our Mission is to accompany our customers in the study of technical solutions which enable the

    deployment of innovative mobility services


    to provide a complete mobility system, integrating the manufacture of PODs and autonomous shuttles



  • What We Do

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    Whether you are a company or community looking to install some form of autonomous transport in your area of choice it does not matter what stage of the process you are at. Whether you have research into what's needed for your particular area or none at all ISFM can provide all the research and technology required to implement a reliable vehicle and service.

  • What services we offer

    1. In-Factory transport system : Industrial parks can benefit from the shuttles by having a continuous autonomous system for workers when commuting around their workplace.


    2. Autonomous Taxi : Taxi services are available with ease due to our Life on Maps interface that offers easy access to customers wherever they are.


    3. Park and Ride : For low emission areas the shuttles are allowed to travel into a city as they are extremely eco friendly.


    4. Platooning : Shuttles platoon together on certain routes and are lead by the lead car to avoid danger as they relay information about road conditions, speed etc. Depending on the demand.


    5. Public Transport : Continuous transfers from popular areas with set routes for in demand journeys such as to and from an airport to the centre.

  • Clients

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    Mobility Operators

  • Methods

    Design : UX convergence design, HMI and Product Reinsurance

    Security : Operating safety, Product Safety

    Technology : Integrating existing technologies and watching out for new ones


  • - Reducing development time
    - Optimizing your R & D budget

    - Driving the POC
    - Validating the technology
    - Defining the business

    - Obtaining authorization for circulation
    - Partial transfer of Liability

    - Implementation of the service
    - Transfer of Management to an operator

  • Robotizing

    • Development of hardware and software
    • Integration of systems
    • Industrial Capacity (small Quantity) of production of robotic rolling platforms


    • Development and production of custom TCU (3G, LTE, Wifi)


    • Integrate Intelligent automation
    • Development of complete systems
    • Portfolio of professional prototypes for automation
    • Industrial capacities (small quantity) to produce urban PODs or autonomous shuttles


    • Disembarkment platform : Life On maps
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